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About Us

So, who are Manhattan Partners? We started out as people from overlapping backgrounds who were frustrated with the recruitment market. A tester with 20 years experience of hands on consultancy and test management combined with a testing recruiter who’s built teams and divisions but was bound by corporate red tape.

We decided to form Manhattan Partners to enable us to provide a different service to our clients. We had a vision of a service where we only provide quality candidates that make it through our own internal processes. These processes are where we do the heavy lifting of internal reviews, interviews, assessments and assurances before they’re selected to go in front of our clients.

Why is our apporach different? Well, as good as a recruiter is, they’re not a hands on, time served consultant, who’s worked in the field. And, no matter how good the consultant is in the field, they don’t know the recruitment processes, jargon or nuances. So, by combining the joint skills we can provide an unparalleled service to our clients. That allows us to be Manhattan Partners, where we bring you the benefits.

It is our hope and strategic vision that our service will allow us to become partners with our clients, to assist in whatever they need, and for us to grow the company in the way we’ve started it, with the key focus between partnering a hands on consultant (in various disciplines) with a recruitment field specialist.