Manual Testing

The current world is all about the value of Automation Testing. not the value that Manual Testing still brings to the Test Function.

  • Subjective oriented Testing: For an application that should be tested from the usability and UI perspective, manual testing seems a more viable option than automation.
  • New and frequent changing functionalities: As mentioned above new and changing functionalities may lead to more efforts in automating and maintaining script and may lead to a waste of time.
  • Strategic Development: Few modules or functionalities may need a strategic approach to testing various viable business flows user may opt for. Working them through manual may seem more profitable and provide better coverage than automation.
  • Exploratory Testing: Exploratory testing is all about discovery, investigation, and learning. It emphasises personal freedom and responsibility of the individual tester. It is defined as a type of testing where Test cases are not created in advance but testers check system on the fly. They may note down ideas about what to test before test execution. The focus of exploratory testing is more on testing as a “thinking” activity.

Outside of these areas, the Automation Frameworks are highly likely to give you a positive return on your investment in the long term, if you’re willing to put the investment in.

Talk to us about your Manual Testing. We can help you map your execution plan towards Automation.